Installing Oracle Identity Manager

I was just trying to install Oracle Identity Manager 11g R2 and came across an error while running the Repository Creation Utility.

Works out that you need to have XATRANS installed.

Error: XATRANS Views are not installed on this Database. This is required by the OIM Schema

Action: Install view XAVIEWS as SYS user on this Database.

GOOGLE solves my problem.

Don’t forget that the database also needs the following parameters –

show parameters PROCESSES (should be more 300)
show parameters NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICSĀ  (should be BYTE)
show parameters SHARED_POOL_SIZE (should be more 147456KB)
show parameters SGA_MAX_SIZE (should be more 147456KB)
show parameters DB_BLOCK_SIZE (is greater than or equal to 8KB)
show parameters OPEN_CURSORS (should be more 800)