Creating a new database using XWindows

Oracle has a nice command that allows you to create a new command. The Database Configuration Assistant (dbca) requires the use of XWindows.

First you will need to download an XWindows client. I use MOBATERM.

Next you will need to create an SSH session to your Oracle DB host. I am using a Redhat ES 6 instance on Amazon and so I create the session and login using my private key. Note: I had previously configured the oracle account to use the same private key as the “ec2-user” account by copying the .ssh directory into ~oracle/.

Then run dbca which is found in $ORACLE_HOME/bin.

1. Select Create a Database.


2. Select General template.



3. Select a name for the database.


4. Accept defaults for the Enterprise Manager (nice web interface to manage the DB)



5. Either set different passwords for the SYS etc. accounts or set a single password (not recommended for Production installations).


6. Accept the standard file structures (unless you would like to configure special datafiles).


7. Accept the standard Flash Recovery Area setup


8. Unless you want a sample schema click Next


9. Importantly select “Unicode ALUTF8” if you are going to be loading up Oracle applications e.g. SOA, OBIEE etc. as these all require multi-language support.


10. I generally leave this section alone and click NEXT


11. Final confirmation



12. Your database is being created.


13. Finally make note of the Enterprise Manager URL for the database as you might use this in the future.










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